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Lift truck tire structure, we may wish to recall the history of the development of tire. This regarding our understanding of tire understanding and understanding is very important.

The earliest tires are made from wood, this from our ancient chariots and the foreign gentleman carriage can be seen. Later, when the explorer in 1493-1496 second Kolumb probes new continent arrived in West India islands in Haiti, discovered the local children play rubber lump, which makes him be startled at. Then he put the good things back to the motherland, several years later, rubber has been widely used, the wheels also gradually by the wood into a hard rubber manufacturing. But when the tire is still solid, go up is not sound, and the noise is big. Until 1845, was born in Scotland, civil engineer Tom Rw germinal clear world second pneumatic tires, and to " carriage and other vehicle wheel to improve " problem, obtain the British government patent.

40 years later on 1888, in Ireland when the veterinary medicine Gran JB Mr. Dunlop made inflatable tire patents. At the time, JB Dunlop 's 10 year old son Jonny bought a three-wheeled bike, but because of the tire are hard rubber solid tyre, therefore, on the stony road is not earned, son of complaints aroused Mr. Dunlop idea, therefore, was forgotten for more than forty years pneumatic tire out again. Along with the time travel, Mr. Dunlop invented pneumatic tire quickly in the bicycle has been used, and active towards the car in the field, for the world automotive industry has made great contribution to the open.

During the early stages of the pneumatic tire, use is coated with rubber canvas when the matrix, because the canvas of vertical and horizontal lines cross each other when walking, because the deformation of the tire, lead line conflict, this line is very simple, is worn off, the tyre can run 200-300km.1903 JF, Mr. Nirupama made clear twill textiles, textile invention led to the diagonal cross ply tires opened, so that the tire to go forward. Because of an oblique fork from the tire carcass walking and lead to conflict, cord is not simple ground fault, so life is lengthened. 1930 Michelin made the first tubeless tires; 1946 and invented a world famous radial tire. Therefore, the tire turn is experienced a lengthy process, in this long night, I do not know how many generations in much hard work and wisdom.

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