PCR Tyre maintenance three


In 1, I'm driving habits will reduce PCR Tyre life?

Yes! The following are a few helps to extend tire life tips:

Don't overdrive. A high speed will be too much heat, accelerate the tyre wear, weakened the tire durability. Please take the safety, legal speed.

Prevent rapid turning and rolling road shoulder.

Prevent rapid advice and emergency braking.

Don't crush shoulder, avoid pavement potholes and other obstacles. The vehicle travels at high speed, such as tire impact craters and other obstacles will cause the tire to the obstacle and the rim flange occurs between severe kneading deformation, it can constitute a carcass cord tyre cracking, internal compressed air from the gap from the top of the drum kit (see below ). More harsh words, will constitute a tire impact split, instantaneous down completely and can exhibit a vehicle out of control situation.

2, how to maintain the tire?

China certificate for tire would provide more comfortable travel feeling, tread life also extends. Thus:

Please use the correct way to every month ( i.e. in " cold " fetal condition ) check the tyre pressure.

Often view the tire can show off, protrusions, pierce and any damage or irregular wear.

Once found abnormal tread wear, please immediately view the four wheel alignment.

Device for wheel, please ensure the balance.

According to the vehicle user demand may tire manufacturers demand, wheel bearing exchange.

3, what are the factors that decide the life of tire?

Many factors influence the city tire life journey, for example:

Tire drawing

Car condition

Tire protection

Journey conditions

Climate conditions

Driving habits

Thus, it cannot accurate forecast tire journey life. But the master habits about the influence of tire journey life is crucial, so when you control the vehicle during braking, acceleration and cornering please soft operation, which can greatly extend tire life.

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